Christian Liberty Academy

  • School Address: 502 W Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60004
  • School Phone Number: (847) 385-2011
  • School Website: Click Here
  • Mission Statement: Since 1968 Christian Liberty Academy has sought to partner with parents, in the education of their children. We believe that the job of the school is not to take over the duties of parents, but to support and assist them in carrying out their God-given responsibility to educate their children according to the Word of God. Christian Liberty Academy provides educational opportunities for Pre-School through 12th grade. We seek to not only challenge children academically, but to also prepare them to be thinking disciples. Christian Liberty Academy provides co-curricular opportunities for the student body, including sports teams, music, clubs and group activities. Students grow spiritually through participation in mentoring, small group Bible studies, chapel speaking, leading worship and many service opportunities. We also offer strong programs in fine arts including art history & instruction, choir, band, kinderstrings, private lessons, theater, drama jr, and improv. Additionally, we offer culinary arts, sewing, auto shop, and wood shop.The Christian Liberty Academy campus is conveniently located on 12 Acres in the heart of Chicago's suburbs. Christian Liberty has easy access to Rt. 53 and is just 3 blocks from the Metra train station. Christian Liberty's Preschool through 12th grade complex includes: 56 classrooms, 3 science laboratories, library, 2 full size gymnasiums, a football/soccer field, band room, auto shop, art room, woodwork shop, senior lounge, and computer lab.
  • Grades of School: 1 -12th
  • Number of Vouchers Available: SOLD OUT
  • Annual Tuition: 1st-6th: $7,100; 7th-8th: $7,250; 9th-12th: $8,100
  • Discount Tuition Price: 1st-6th: $3,550; 7th-8th: $3,625; 9th-12th: $4,050
To purchase this voucher, please call Jeff Reisman at (847) 472-8921
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Each tuition voucher is valid for the tuition cost for attendance at the specified school for the 2022-23 Fall through Spring academic year (not including summer school). All other costs of attending the school, including but not limited to, books and supplies, uniforms, and fees to participate in sports or events, are not covered by the voucher and are the responsibility of the student and his or her parent or guardian. Only one voucher per school may be purchased or used by a household or family. Each voucher may only be used by a new student not enrolled at the specified school prior to September 11, 2022. Purchase of a voucher does not guarantee admittance for a student to the specified school and the student and parent(s) must meet all school admission, attendance, and conduct requirements to enroll and attend throughout the school year. The voucher is not transferable and may be used only by a family or household member of the purchaser. The voucher is not returnable or redeemable for cash, except if a school confirms to that a prospective student with a voucher completed all applicable requirements but was not admitted to the school, in which case upon request by the voucher purchaser, will refund the cost paid to for the voucher. The voucher purchaser should consult with his or her tax adviser concerning the tax treatment of payment of tuition using the voucher.