A Quality Education for Less

We know how much you value your child's education. We also know how hard it can be sometimes to balance the importance of that education with the cost. That's why we started HalfPriceSchools.com.

It's our mission to work with private schools throughout the Chicagoland area to provide tuition for families at half the normal cost. We work with all kinds of schools in the city and in the suburbs. These offers are exclusive to us, and the number of vouchers are limited.

It's our desire to provide your family with excellent educational value.

For more information on any of the schools on the website or for questions about qualifications, please call Jeff Reisman at (847) 472-8921 or click here to send an email.

— HalfPriceSchools.com

Welcome Radio Listeners

We're so excited to welcome the families who heard about us on AM 1160 Hope for Your Life and AM 560 The Answer.

We've partnered with a number of schools in Chicagoland that share your desire for a quality education.

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